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Why is it an Ultimate Undershirt? Simple.

Five reasons to buy an Ultimate Undershirt:

A really deep - yes, really deep - v neck

neck square

Ultimate Undershirts are  invisible under your tops – like dress shirts and jumpers. These undershirts are very likely the deepest v-necks you’ll find.

Slightly shorter sleeves

sleeve short square

Slightly shorter sleeves mean your undershirt sleeves won’t stick out from your dress shirts or other long-sleeve tops. No more peeking undershirt cuffs!

Longer - and more tuckable - body

sleeve short square

Ever found shirts didn’t tuck in – or didn’t stay tucked in? Our shirts come about 3-4 inches longer than most t shirts or vest – so they’ll stay tucked in all day. 

Fabric that’s not too thick, or thin

cotton fabric image

Many thin t shirts show bits you’d rather hide, and don’t last long. That’s why Ultimate Undershirts have 320gsm, medium-heavy weight fabric. 95%/5% cotton / spandex.(CHECK THIS)

The best returns policy ever

Our aim is simple: every customer a king, (or queen, or monarch). That means you’ve got 365 days to change your mind. Here’s the full delivery and returns policy.

What's wrong with most undershirts?

The internet is full of questions – often from men – asking: where do you buy your socks/pants/vests/t shirts. That’s not to say men ‘have it hard’. But when it comes to buying those really practical clothes, the ones you actually wear everyday, it’s somehow tricky. 

Lots of men’s clothing, particularly basics, seems to either be:

  • cheap, thin, and of dubious quality
  • expensive, sometimes with unwanted branding or itchy, intrusive labels.

What’s more, buying men’s underclothing online can seem like a maze of:

  • high shipping costs, 
  • punishing returns policies,
  • and limited styles. 

Ultimate Undershirts intends to change all that – but it won’t happen overnight. As Ultimate Undershirts hopes to grow, the brand will aim to sell an increasingly wide range of colours and sizes.  

These new versions will be announced on our social media pages – linked at the bottom left of this page – so stay tuned!

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